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Hotel Acquevive 3 stars near Scanno Lake
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Welcome to Hotel Acquevive

Acquevive hotel on the shores of Lake bench, guarantees a relaxing stay in nature, we offer comfortable rooms with views of the lake, Breakfast Lunch Dinner in the garden pool, relaxation room, free wifi, the cuisine of Abruzzo.
With the possibility of excursions with guide, trekking and mountain biking in the National Park of Abruzzo, relaxation and nature and hospitality.
In the neighborhood of the hotel there is a beach that overlooks the lake.

The countries of Scanno and Villalago are easily accessible on foot or by bike, or using the many shuttle buses made ​​available during the summer.
Do not miss a visit to the Old Fracture destroyed during the earthquake of 1915, Currently under reconstruction by the heirs of the owners, with two dining is ideal for a relaxing day of trekking.

If you want you can also reach by public bus, for planning and then a nice return by using a panoramic path leading back to the lake, do not miss the magnificent sunset on the lake.